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Boise Bully Breed Rescue



"What’s up?! My name is TANK. I’m two years old and I’m so stressed being trapped in this metal cage! I’m ready to sleep on a bed so I can be cuddled while I sleep.
I’m pretty chill with all the dogs surrounding my kennel, but I prefer interacting with submissive female dogs. I’m a dominate dude, I don’t get along with other male dogs.There are these little fluff balls that make a weird “meow” sound, and I don’t like them.. I need a home without their fluff.
I like to think I’m a sweetheart and the human people at the shelter always call me “sweetheart” even though my name is TANK!
I hope I find my forever home, I’m ready to play with my humans.

Red Desert Humane Society
310 Yellowstone Road
Rock Springs,WY

Please fill out an application if you are interested.

Boise Bully Breed Rescue



He has been accepted to rescue and is AVAILABLE FOR ADOPTION!

POTE is a 2 year old American Staffordshire Terrier.
POTE is super energetic and has done well with other female dogs (doesn't look like assessments were done with male dogs). It sounds like most dogs are a bit intimidated by his size.
POTE is super friendly around everyone, but would do best with middle school aged kids as he doesn't realize his size and has a ton of energy.
POTE was surrendered because he tried to escape the house. It doesn't appear he's had a lot of training or got enough exercise.
He has the sweetest wiggly butt and gets super wiggly when anyone comes to his kennel.

Please fill out an application if you are interested.

Boise Bully Breed Rescue



"Hi, my name is CHANCE! I am a 2 year old Boxer mix and I weigh 55 lbs.
I was found wandering around the streets of Utah but know I’m here looking for my forever family! I am looking for someone to feed me hot dogs and to snuggle me on the couch. I might like a brother or sister to nap with, but DEFINITELY NOT A CAT. If you think you could be my snuggle buddy, come down, visit me and bring hot dogs (I promise I won’t tell anybody)."
Once CHANCE is your friend, he fully trusts you and would do anything for you. He loves treats and to play fetch with the tennis ball. He knows the sit command, appears to be house trained and takes treats nicely from the hand.

Lisa Weiss
Rescue Coordinator
Weber County Animal Services

Please fill out an application if you are interested.

Boise Bully Breed Rescue



WRINKLES joined Greenheart Rescue in October 2018. She was emaciated, intact (most likely repeatedly bred), covered in fleas and had an awful case of kennel cough. She is approximately 8+ years old. To this day, she still has scars from her past and they will probably always be there. Among other scars she has a callus around her neck. WRINKLES was also very reactive towards other dogs when she first arrived (an issue we are working on with Alliance Dog Training).
WRINKLEs is not your typical senior dog. She's far more active than most of our senior dogs and requires a bit more effort when it comes to her overall care because it’s obvious that she was neglected and abused for most of her life.
Not only is WRINKLES receiving endless love and
attention from her foster family, 

Wrinkles video

Green Heart Rescue
Please submit an application if you are interested.

Boise Bully Breed Rescue



MORK is a two year old male bully breed that is known to do well with kids and other dogs.


Please submit an application if you are interested.

Boise Bully Breed Rescue

Riley 2


RILEY is 2-year-old female American Pitbull Terrier mix that exudes warmth, personality, fun and love. Of course, you have to have more than just good looks, and RILEY scores in the areas of being house trained, leash trained, and crate trained. And she is good with other animals and children!
Ask any girl and she will tell you that it is the accessories that can make or break an ensemble. When it comes to accessorizing, RILEY is in top form.
Let’s see ... what matches a black nose? How about an ear that is outlines in heavy black? Perfect. Of course, dab a spot of black on the other ear just for good measure just to make it fun. And when it comes to fun, RILEY has that down as well.
Exhibiting curiosity on walks, RILEY does listen closely for her commands and is only too eager to please. She can get a little excited when playing with people, and she loves to cuddle.
Cats? No worries. RILEY seems to demonstrate more interest in what they are eating than in messing with them.
Her sweet and playful nature would make her a great fit in an active family. Oh, and she loves to play fetch!

Please fill out an application if you are interested.

Boise Bully Breed Rescue



ROCCO will need some time to decompress from shelter life.

ROCCO is an adorable 4 year old, 68 lb, American Pit Bull Terrier/black lab mix. (He is Cotton's brother!)
ROCCO is leash trained and has lived with another dog. His previous owner mentioned he does well with other dogs and friendly with people.
ROCCO is a ball fetching machine! He is the perfect dog for a family with kids.


Dear Diary,

I am having a great time in my foster home. The woman lady is super nice, she calls me Rocco Taco, we like to snuggle! The man guy says I’m super cool, we watch man stuff on TV and walk the big backyard while making man noises. They agree, I’m a turn-key wonder pup, fully loaded like the best car out there, however I’m 9 so I have a few miles on me but that doesn’t slow me down. I enjoy these simple humans and their house although they take up a lot of space on my couch. They have a 8 week old tiny human that is SUPER needy, makes funny sounds and is very fragrant every 2-3 hours. I check in on her sweetly and then go about my business. I can’t break it to them, but I don’t think she will ever get potty trained or stop drooling, she also looks like she might be a yard digger. Yikes!

Well, time for me to take another nap! Wait.. where’s my ball???

July 18, 2019

Please submit an application if you are interested.

Boise Bully Breed Rescue




RUDY is a 5 year old meatball. RUDY currently has a tumor that is being examined. Besides the tumor, RUDY is a happy dog. His previous owners kept him outside for a majority of his life.
RUDY needs a family that will love him unconditionally and cater to his needs.
RUDY LOVES spending time with other dogs, so socialization is important.

Keep checking back for updates on this handsome man!

Cache Humane Society
2370 W 200 N
Logan, UT 84321
435-792-3920 or Whitney Schulte 435-770-7844

Please submit an application if you are interested.

Boise Bully Breed Rescue



Oh, the stories dogs could tell.... Imagine a story of adventure in far off lands, of dangers lurking in the undergrowth. Well, Chief does not have to imagine these – this 5-year old American Pit Bull mix has lived that story. But when you see the love in his eyes, and experience his gentle demeanor, the story of how he ended up in Boise seems even more remarkable. Chief was taken from his owner on Maui after he was attacked and injured by a wild boar, and his former owner did not seek medical attention. He spent some time in Oregon before landing in rescue but this, too, is just a waypoint on his journey to a forever home.
Weighing in at about 64 lbs, the first thing most people notice is his gorgeous brindle coloring. Then one look into his beautiful brown eyes is all it takes to capture the heart. And that is a very good thing because Chief loves to snuggle, hug and cuddle.
Another dog in the family? Chief has lived in that environment and did well, although he does react to cats.
He also is very attentive, walks right beside
the knee, knows general commands, is curious, and every once in a while, when he forgets himself, his puppy side comes out in full bouncing force.

Please submit an  application if interested.

Boise Bully Breed Rescue

Papa Bear


PAPA BEAR is coming to rescue SOON. He has been at the Tulare Shelter in Ca for a long time.


PAPA BEAR is a snuggly, handsome 8 year old boy American Staffordshire Terrier/ Mix weighing in at 53 lbs. 
PAPA BEAR loves to nap, snuggle, and is very affectionate! He has done well with other dogs and children and has lots of love to give!
He has a few medical issues that will be taken care of by the rescue.

Check out Papa Bear's video's with his friend Lavender:

Video #1
Video #2

Please submit an application if you are interested.

Boise Bully Breed Rescue




MIKIE is a beautiful 4-year-old male who came into the shelter as a stray so not much is known about his history.
MIKIE was adopted for a few months but did not get along with the other dog and was returned so he should go to a home where he can be an only dog.
MIKIE is fantastic in his kennel and walks great on a leash. He is people lover and wants to snuggle all the time.

Laverkin City Animal Shelter and Best Friends  
LaVerkin Animal Shelter

Please submit an application if you are interested.

Boise Bully Breed Rescue



EDDY is our longest resident. He's been with us (Tulare Animal Services) since April.

EDDY is such a sweet boy! EDDY is 3 years old and plays well in doggie play groups. He did so well with our new girl, Lavender, in play groups. 
EDDY can be a fearful dog, but craves love. Once he knows he can trust you, he's  a lovable "lap dog."  
EDDY has been reactive on leash, but since he's had time to decompress, he's gotten much better. The staff moved him back to our quarantine room where it's quiet and he's relaxed now. The noise scared him. He walks better on leash and has shown a lot of progress since arriving in late April. 
EDDY needs a patient companion to love him and work with his fearful traits.
He has come to love the staff and waits patiently in his kennel for treats. 

Jennifer Garcia
Volunteer Rescue Coordinator
Tulare Animal Services
3817 South K Street
Tulare, CA 93274

Please submit an application if you are interested.

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