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WRINKLES joined our rescue in October 2018. She was emaciated, intact (most likely repeatedly bred), covered in fleas and had an awful case of kennel cough. She is approximately 8+ years old. To this day, she still has scars from her past and they will probably always be there. Among other scars she has a callus around her neck. WRINKLES was also very reactive towards other dogs when she first arrived (an issue we are working on with Alliance Dog Training).
WRINKLES stayed with me for the first couple of months until we finally found the right foster home for her.
WRINKLE is not your typical senior dog. She's far more active than most of our senior dogs and requires a bit more effort when it comes to her overall care because it’s obvious that she was neglected and abused for most of her life. Not only is WRINKLES receiving endless love and attention from her foster family, she has a dedicated foster mom that works with WRINKLES' training exercises on a daily basis. Her foster mom also takes the time to prepare WRINKLE'S meals, including adding all of the necessary supplements and special diet that WRINKLES requires. WRINKLES adopter will need to follow a similar protocol because we have discovered kibble is not the best fit for WRINKLES' health needs.
Foster families truly make a difference and rescues like Green Heart Rescue can’t save dogs without the support of foster families like Wrinkles’s foster family.

Wrinkles video

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Boise Bully Breed Rescue



KODY is a  3 year old, 58 pound, gorgeous gold eyes, beautiful coat, lap-loving, playful boy....Who could ask for anything more?
KODY entered the shelter as a stray on May 23. He was adopted and returned because the adopter saw him vomit after neuter surgery in the shelter lobby and decided against bringing him home. Boise Bully Breed Rescue then took him in.
KODY has done great with all people that he's met. He is cat friendly and does well with older children. Foster family said that he was fine with their teenager's friends coming and going from the home.
KODY is good on leash and knows sit. He is treat-motivated to learn even more! He is housetrained and is well-behaved in the home. Foster family said that he was fine in a crate when they went out to a football game.
KODY used to jump into the tubs full of water at the shelter so may be a candidate for a river dog. He loves his toys, tug play, and will fetch and return a toy. Foster family said that he settles quickly for quiet time after play.
KODY was non-reactive when walked through the cat kennels, but he has shown himself to be selective when interacting with other dogs and may need to learn about sharing his toys. For this reason, we are looking for a home where he can be the only dog.
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Kody Video

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CROUTON loves people and is a super snuggler, but can get overwhelmed by a lot of commotion. Kids are not going to be a good fit with this boy, unless the kids are really respectful around dogs. CROUTON loves one female dog, but needs a really slow introduction to other dogs. (He hangs out with one other female dog, after a very slow and careful introduction. So this is totally possible.) }
If you like camping, running, road trips, and hanging with your fur buddy on a full time basis, CROUTON is your guy!
2 yrs old.


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Boise Bully Breed Rescue


The rescue will keep you posted regarding his arrival date.
Such a sweet boy!!


BOOMER is a 1 year and 9 months old male! According to his DNA test he is 85.5% American Staffordshire Terrier.
BOOMER is a very strong boy so an owner who can physically handle him is recommended. BOOMER has done well with calm dogs and is slowly adjusting to other dogs with more energy.
BOOMER wants to win your heart, so he will do anything to please you and he learns extremely fast as well. Lou,  Dog Trainer and Owner of Good Citizen Dog has accepted him to his boarding and doggie daycare program to help him become an ambassador of the breed.

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