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Boise Bully Breed Rescue



WRINKLES joined our rescue in October 2018. She was emaciated, intact (most likely repeatedly bred), covered in fleas and had an awful case of kennel cough. She is approximately 8+ years old. To this day, she still has scars from her past and they will probably always be there. Among other scars she has a callus around her neck. WRINKLES was also very reactive towards other dogs when she first arrived (an issue we are working on with Alliance Dog Training).
WRINKLE is not your typical senior dog. She's far more active than most of our senior dogs and requires a bit more effort when it comes to her overall care because it’s obvious that she was neglected and abused for most of her life. Not only is WRINKLES receiving endless love and attention from her foster family, she has a dedicated foster mom that works with

Foster families truly make a difference and rescues like Green Heart Rescue can’t save dogs without the support of foster families like Wrinkles’s foster family.

Wrinkles video

Green Heart Rescue

Please submit an application of you are intested.

Boise Bully Breed Rescue

Ferdinand aka Ferdi


FERDI is a gentle giant weighing in at about 100 lbs and approximately is 15 months old.
FERDI loves kids and all humans he meets.
Dog Trainer and Owner of Good Citizen Dog Lou says he gets overexcited upon entering doggie daycare but calms down after awhile.
FERDI is a lovable, goofy and fun dog. He is a Mastiff/Mix.

For more informaiton for more information text 208 713-1818.

Please submit an application if you are interested.

Boise Bully Breed Rescue




COTTON is a deaf, 4 year old, 60 lb male, American Staffordshire Terrier/bully blend 
(He is Rocco's brother!)
COTTON is good with other dogs, house trained, leash trained, crate trained. He is quick to observe hand signals, but not "sign language" AND has had non-reactive and pleasant meetings in the shelter with other dogs.
COTTON is loving, playful and very sweet. He is deaf so he startles when touched out of his vision or when he doesn't expect it. He is very smart, eager to please and make eye contact.
He is ready for his forever home!

Please submit an application if you are interested

Boise Bully Breed Rescue



HEIDI  is a gorgeous 1 year old, 50 lb, Am Staff mix.
HEIDI was kenneled at the shelter with other female dogs and did great.
She is good with children, good off leash in play grounds and loves playing with other dogs.
HEIDI is crate trained and in excellent health condition.
HEIDI is a sweetheart, looking
for her forever loving home.
Who can say no to those beautiful eyes. 

Please fill out an application if you are interested. 

Boise Bully Breed Rescue



CLINT is about 3 yrs old. He is an incredibly good dog that loves water and playing ball.
CLINTis a pleaser and obedient. He has been trained by one of the handlers at the doggie daycare where he has lived for the past five months.
He does get along with other dogs but WHEN surrounded by many dogs he can get weary.
CLINT has become attached to a little Heeler girl
named Cassie. They spend their days and nights together, so he does build relationships with other dogs, however, HE DOES NOT LIKE dogs that can be pushy.
AN EXPERIENCED owner is a must, no beginners as he likes to be the alpha in a relation with the owner.
CLINTis very affectionate, he is such a fine and handsome boy, he deserves a great home ! 

Please submit  an application if you are interested. 

Boise Bully Breed Rescue



CHARMING is a 3 year old big hunk who loves his belly rubbed, loves hugs and loves to play tug.
CHARMING gets along well with most dogs. He does not like to be around cats and young children because he gets too excited.
CHARMING is crate trained and is house trained.
CHARMING is looking for his forever human who will love him unconditionally. He needs a home with structure. He has a hard time meeting strangers and gets startled easy. He will need to learn to trust.
CHARMING is incredibly smart. He knows several cues already, and he’s eager to please his family. His fear of strangers is improving each day, but we are still looking to send him home with an experienced handler.
He will need continued training with Dog Trainer Lou at Good Citizen Dog.

For additional information call Genievey at 208 794-9023.

Please submit an application if you are interested.

Boise Bully Breed Rescue



CHIEF is an adorable 5 y/o American Pit Bull Terrier/mix weighing in at 64 lbs.
CHIEF was originally a transfer from Maui Humane Society and is now housed at the Oregon Humane Society. We unfortunately have limited background information about him.
What we do know is he was seized from his original owner after CHIEF was attacked by a wild boar and injured and his owner did not seek medical attention for him.
A former foster parent mentioned that CHIEF lived with another dog and he listened to commands.
CHIEF growls and seems to be very wary of men and new people however he interacts well with animal care staff at the shelter.
CHIEF will do great in a quiet environment where he can have time to adjust and feel comfortable in his surroundings. 

Please submit an application if you are interested.

Boise Bully Breed Rescue



JACKS is approximately 4 years old and believed to be a Lab and Pit Bull mix. JACKS loves people and other dogs; he's not so sure about cats.
JACKS would be a great fit with a family of older kids as he's more anxious around very small children.
JACKS is trained in basic commands, house trained and crate trained. He needs someone who will put in time, consistency and additional training with him. He will occasionally jump up and pull on the leash. JACKS loves walks, snuggles, playing in the snow and water and kisses.

Someone cut off his ears in a very abusive way.

Please submit an application if you are interested.

Boise Bully Breed Rescue



DOZER is a three (3) year old bully breed who has not had the best track record due to human negligence.
DOZER was transferred to the rescue from a neighboring county due to being determined a "dangerous dog."
DOZER cannot be around kitties or small animals.
DOZER will need a responsible owner who will ensure his safety and containment while he is establishing his new life. DOZER will need a leader and someone who will teach him about the good in life while working on manners and proper meeting behaviors.

Please submit an application if you are interested.

Boise Bully Breed Rescue



GONZO is a handsome hunk who is roughly 7 years old that was surrendered to the shelter as a stray.
GONZO has a lump on his rear leg that may require medical attention, but the lump does not bother him, and he is fine with people touching the lump. The rescue will cover the medical costs for removal.
GONZO is house trained and is good with other dogs. He loves to play with dogs who have the same energy level as him.


GONZO is a mellow gentleman who loves
to hang out with people.

GONZO is looking for a family that appreciates his age.

If you are interested please fill out an application.

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