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Boise Bully Breed Rescue




Roo, AKA Lucky is a 7 month old, 35lb guy who has had a tough go. His owner surrendered him through no fault of his own and he’s just looking for another shot. He doesn’t really seem to know any commands yet, but as a puppy he will likely pick them up quickly! He previously lived with kiddos and did well with them. He also has done well with other dogs. Lucky is missing one of his front legs and the other front leg is severely deformed so he will likely need some wheels. Lucky is still just a baby and deserves to have his best shot at life. Please network and share Lucky to give him a chance!

Thank you to Volunteer Janice for submitting the paperwork to so Roo can have wheels made

Please network and share sweet Roo to help him find his forever home.

Roo's Video

Please submit an application if you are interested.

Boise Bully Breed Rescue

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Weber County Animal Services

Juicy needs your help! She is located in Ogden, UT.

Juicy is a beautiful one year old lady who was taken to the shelter in Odgen as a stray. She weighs around sixty lbs and has cherry eye in both eyes. Cherry eyes generally are mostly a cosmetic issue but hers have been bothering her and need to be taken care of surgically! Besides her cherry eyes, Juicy is a healthy, happy lady who is incredibly sweet. She’s friendly to everyone she meets and loves attention! She still has some very sweet puppyish behaviors and would benefit from someone who is willing to help her learn new skills! She loves playing with stuffed toys. She can be picky about her dog friends so will need a meet and greet. She is also pretty laser focused on kitties so would likely not do well with cats in the home. This sweetie needs to find her forever home. Please network and share Juicy!

If accepted to rescue her medical needs will be taken care of.

Please submit an application if you are interested.

Boise Bully Breed Rescue

At ACF  (What's New with Bobby?)



BOBBY'S previous “life”was full of abandoned heartache, neglect and loneliness. He had been left in a back yard for 7 years. BOBBY has come SO far, with care, love, attention and training, he’s blossoming into his true amazing self.
BOBBY loves one on one with his favorite staff and volunteers. He adores quiet nosy window watching! He’s thrilled walking along the river, eating drive-thru ice cream and playing with a tennis ball. Because BOBBY never had any one or anything to love and call his own, he is working on sharing and trusting that people and possessions will be there for him again. BOBBY would do best and continue to grow in a home with adopters that work from home or are retired, without other pets and no small children.
Volunteer Jessika hung out with BOBBY the other day and had this to say! “BOBBY is an expert car rider! He loves checking out what is going on outside and letting his ears flap in the breeze. Once we get to where we're going BOBBY is excited to sniff and explore. He pulls a bit when he first gets out of the car but settles down as we get into our walk. BOBBY takes treats gently with that big block head of his”

Check him out now as BBBR Dog Trainer and Supervisor Lou geared him up for walks which he loves!

Please submit an application if you are interested.

Boise Bully Breed Rescue

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Humane Society for Southwest Washington

Sheeva needs your help! She is located in Vancouver, WA.

This snorty pig is 3.5 year old Sheeva! She is very loving and bonds quickly with her humans. In fact, Sheeva loves people so much she needs all the love to herself as the only animal in the household. Sheeva would do best in a low-traffic home without kids under the age of 12 and would like to meet any kiddos with whom she may be living. She would also enjoy a fenced yard to romp about. Please network and share Sheeva!

Please submit an application if you are interested.

What's New with Bobby?
I want to show you how hard I'm trying and how far I've come!

Imagine depending on humans for your complete survival. Your emotional, mental, physical, and developmental needs. Imagine the one person you trust most, betraying you. This was Bobby’s life. For 7 years. 7 long years. Confined to a small spot in a back yard, never being loved on. Confined, tied up.
Bobby will be available soon. He’s still growing and learning so much in training. He’s trying to differentiate his feelings, his energy. He’s a puppy in an adult dog body, starting over, just beginning life. He will require love, patience and a willingness to step back and observe the world along with him, slow and steady. He is a mirror of so many of us, broken but not destroyed. Resilient and forgiving. He gives the best love. He always has. We have no idea how he had any left, but we sure as hell will help it continue to grow. We are proud of you Bobby!

Check out this cool video Paige made of me and her. We have a lot of fun together!

Boise Bully Breed Rescue

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Contra Costa County Animal Service

Riley needs your help! He is located in Martinez, CA.

Riley is a 2 year old guy looking for his forever fam! Riley is definitely pretty stressed in the shelter and would benefit from a quiet, calm place to chill out and start to trust people again.

He likes to play with toys and when he’s out of his kennel he likes to lean in for pets and attention. Please network and share this guy to get him out of the shelter!

Please submit an application if you are interested.

Boise Bully Breed Rescue

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Spigs needs your help! He is located in Ontario, OR.

Ani-Care Animal Shelter
55 NE 2nd Ave
Ontario, OR 97914

Spigs is a super gorgeous and super goofy 2 year old. He was found as a stray and never claimed. Spigs makes hilarious noises that remind people of a t-rex! If you’ve ever been around a vocal pitty, you’ll know how ridiculous they can be. He does great on the leash and is house trained. He adores people and loves to chew on his bones. Spigs is not good with other dogs so he’ll need to be your one and only, but he’ll make up for it by singing you sweet love songs! Spigs really needs to go home to a place that will keep him safe and secure and not let him roam. Please network and share Spigs!
Image may contain: dog and outdoor

Please submit an application if you are interested.

Boise Bully Breed Rescue




Foster dad Kirk reports -

“Monkey’s coat just shimmers in the sunshine. Took him for a long walk on the green belt this morning and now we’re just enjoying some sunshine in the back yard. Very easy dog to live with. He likes to know where you are but he’s not a Velcro dog. He seems like a dog that could be left for a few hours without issue. Just seems to have an independent streak. Capable of either entertaining himself or just napping! We worked on leash manners, redirecting when he starts to pull, rewarding good manners, etc. I noticed improvement in 10-15 minutes.”

Monkey is a gorgeous 1.5 year old male American Staffordshire Terrier/mix that enjoys outings and walks! Monkey is very smart, loves to cuddle and play endlessly with a ball.

Monkey loves people! He’s curious and has a happy personality. Monkey weighs approx. 70 pounds and is tall and lean.

Monkey is still working on his manners and will jump up when excited but this is easily corrected. Monkey is best suited in a home with children 12+ years old. Monkey is house and crate trained. It is reported that he does well and enjoys car rides. He knows the basic commands such as, sit, down and shake.

Monkey likes to be the center of attention and does not get along with male dogs and is not cat friendly. For this reason a home without dogs or with an older or calm female dog would be best.
Please submit an application if you are interested.

Boise BullyBreed Rescue




Check out his video's

Video 1
Video 2
Video 3
Video 4

Coco is an older handsome gentleman, who loves treats and catching a tennis ball. He has just arrived to Boise Bully Breed Rescue but so far he seems to be a mellow dude, ready to find a new home to settle into.

If you are feeling a little too alone during self isolation and you are interested in meet this doggo fill out a pre adoption questionnaire. 

Coco is a sweet 64 lb senior guy who needs to get out of the shelter! Coco was surrendered through no fault of his own, and he must be so confused and worried as he lived with his previous owner for his whole life before coming to the shelter. He knows a few commands and LOVES to play with his ball. He has been mostly calm in his kennel but he has been starting to get stressed. He has also done well with other dogs in play group. Poor Coco deserves a quiet, loving home where he can spend the rest of his days on a cozy couch or bed.

Please network and share Coco.

Please submit an application if you are interested.

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