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Boise Bully Breed Rescue



RILEY is truly a sweet dog! RILEY is 6 years old, house trained and crate trained.
All he wants to do is be close to you and he loves to cuddle with you.
RILEY can be a little protective of his owners, and he is protective of his food and toys.
RILEY loves to be outside and go on walks. He is very easy to control on a leash.

It may be best if Riley is the only dog in the household.

Please call 562 528-6330 for additional information.

Please submit an application if you are interested.

Boise Bully Breed Rescue

Troy, VA


LEON entered the Troy, Virginia shelter last December because his owner could not afford future vet bills.
LEON is a big 70-pound, 4.5 year old sweetheart who is house trained and good with children. He is mostly gentle around everyone, but is a big goofball who doesn’t know his size.
LEON knows ‘sit’ and loves to go outside and play. He has lived with indoor cats. LEON is dog-selective, so will need a proper introduction with any furry siblings.
LEON’S owner paid for surgery in 2016 on the left hind leg (luxating patella), and it healed very well. Although the right knee is fine now, the right leg may need surgery in the future. LEON takes joint supplements daily in the meantime.
If you think that you can give LEON a home where he can remain comfortable, then please reach out to the shelter that has been taking such good care of him for the past year.

Fluvanna SPCA
5239 Union Mills Road
Troy VA, 22974
Jessy Shifflett

Please submit an application if you are interested.

Boise Bully Breed Rescue

Idaho Falls, ID


This cute boy is JULIO, a 1.5 year old male, weighing 38 lbs and is a mixed breed. He has come a long way from being the cowering scare pup he was when he came to us. JULIO  is really starting to blossom into an incredible boy! He has mastered potty training but still needs help when it comes to basic commands. With some direction and yummy treats this should be easily accomplished.
The biggest draw back to JULIO (which I personally don't see as one) is he needs a friend, either someone who is home most if not all of the time or a doggy friend to spend time with. He is high energy and just wants to be loved!
JULIO has gone on a couple outings with his current foster and has done exceptionally well! This boy just wants to please his people.
I had the chance to interact with him at our adoption event on Saturday and man he was so excited to get to meet everyone his tail never stopped. When it was potty break time he was so excited he started jumping for joy! Once we were outside he did his buiness and then just wanted some cuddles and to run around and play! He no longer has  the guarding issues he used to have - he is really doing so much better!
JULIO adores kids and when we kitty tested him he has done well.  The last couple times  he did think the kitty who hissed and swatted at him was scary so he did talk back.
He is doing good with the dog in the home. If anything the other dog is misreading JULIO'S body language and has gotten after him.
JULIO'S biggest issue is he has escaped his kennel and did tear up the carpet and some things in the room he was kept in because he doesn't like being alone. 

Taking into consideration his young age we believe with the right amount of love and patience Julio will flourish into an amazing dog with tons of potential

Upper Valley Humane Society
Ashley or Brandy at 208-313-9153 for additional information
Please submit an application if you are interested.

Boise Bully Breed Rescue

Bobby (What's New with Bobby?)



BOBBY'S previous “life”was full of abandoned heartache, neglect and loneliness. He had been left in a back yard for 7 years. BOBBY has come SO far, with care, love, attention and training, he’s blossoming into his true amazing self.
BOBBY loves one on one with his favorite staff and volunteers. He adores quiet nosy window watching! He’s thrilled walking along the river, eating drive-thru ice cream and playing with a tennis ball. Because BOBBY never had any one or anything to love and call his own, he is working on sharing and trusting that people and possessions will be there for him again. BOBBY would do best and continue to grow in a home with adopters that work from home or are retired, without other pets and no small children.
Volunteer Jessika hung out with BOBBY the other day and had this to say! “BOBBY is an expert car rider! He loves checking out what is going on outside and letting his ears flap in the breeze. Once we get to where we're going BOBBY is excited to sniff and explore. He pulls a bit when he first gets out of the car but settles down as we get into our walk. BOBBY takes treats gently with that big block head of his”

Check him out now as BBBR Dog Trainer and Supervisor Lou geared him up for walks which he loves!

Please submit an application if you are interested.

Boise Bully Breed Rescue




INDIE UPDATE: Her wound on her chest is healing nicely it no longer looks like it does in this picture. 
INDIE UPDATE:  Her medical treatment has been completed. BBBR Volunteer Photographer Maranda took these beautiful photo's

INDIE is a 5 year old sweetheart. She is well behaved and has lived with another female dog and children.
INDIE was abandoned by her owner at the shelter with a large abscess on her chest which Dr McIntosch has treated.

Please submit an application if you are interested.

Boise Bully Breed Rescue



THOR is a 2 year old pup who has had a rough time lately, but hasn't let it dampen his zest for life!
THOR'S owner had to surrender him after losing their home, so this poor boy has had a confusing time lately.
THOR is a sweet guy with a happy-go-lucky attitude! He’s good with kids, and good with other dogs, although he reportedly can play a little rough so proper introductions will be necessary. It seems he would do best with older kiddos and playful females due to his energy.
THOR'S tail wags nonstop and he’s full of excitement! He would be a great buddy for an active person or family.

Help THOR find his adventure buddies!

Palmdale Animal Care Center
38550 Sierra Hwy
Palmdale, CA. 

Please submit an application if you are interested. 

What's New with Bobby?
I want to show you how hard I'm trying and how far I've come!

Imagine depending on humans for your complete survival. Your emotional, mental, physical, and developmental needs. Imagine the one person you trust most, betraying you. This was Bobby’s life. For 7 years. 7 long years. Confined to a small spot in a back yard, never being loved on. Confined, tied up.
Bobby will be available soon. He’s still growing and learning so much in training. He’s trying to differentiate his feelings, his energy. He’s a puppy in an adult dog body, starting over, just beginning life. He will require love, patience and a willingness to step back and observe the world along with him, slow and steady. He is a mirror of so many of us, broken but not destroyed. Resilient and forgiving. He gives the best love. He always has. We have no idea how he had any left, but we sure as hell will help it continue to grow. We are proud of you Bobby!

Boise Bully Breed Rescue



BUNEE is a 6 year old lady who needs to find her forever home.
BUNEE is a zippy lady with a ton of energy! She needs room to run. She would love your undivided attention and needs to go to a home with no other pets.
BUNEE is housetrained and she LOVES to play; she’s a frisbee master and can play fetch until the cows come home.
BUNEE has the sweetest face, she’ll always manage to convince you that just one more game of fetch is worth it!
Please help sweet Bunee find her family!

Bitterroot Humane Association
262 Fairgrounds Rd.
Hamilton, MT 59840

Please submit an application if you are interested.

Boise Bully Breed Rescue



SCOOBY is a 7 year old fellow who just needs a place to call his own.
SCOOBY is a good boy. That’s really the best way to describe him! He’s good with kiddos, good with other dogs, house trained, and leash trained. He’s just one of those happy go lucky dudes who gets along with all kinds of people.
SCOOBY is patient and friendly, and don’t let the number fool you, age isn’t slowing SCOOBY down! He still loves to play and go on long walks!
Please help SCOOBY find his forever home, he deserves it!

Bitterroot Humane Association
262 Fairgrounds Rd.
Hamilton, MT 59840

Please submit an application if you are interested.

Boise Bully Breed Rescue



SUGAR is a 1 year old, 45lb bull terrier mix that was surrendered by her family because she was too active. She’s looking for someone who loves adventures: hiking, running, walking, playing… SUGAR is game!
SUGAR likes to get to know you before she falls in love, but once she bonds she will be yours forever.
SUGAR will benefit from an experienced handler who knows the breed and can provide structure and guidance.
SUGAR has done well with other dogs so with a proper meet and greet could go home with some canine siblings.
SUGAR knows basic commands and would love to spend time with her new family learning more.

Please share and network SUGAR!

Kentucky Humane Society
Contact Sissy Slone  606-669-7551 

Please submit an application if you are interested.

Boise Bully Breed Rescue





JEWELS is a 3 year old girl who needs a second chance.
Not much is known about JEWELS except that she needs to find her forever family. She’s a gorgeous girl who was left behind when her family moved away. It appears she was left outside the majority of the time.
JEWELS seems to know commands in Spanish and with patience could easily learn more!
JEWELS doesn’t seem to like other dogs in the shelter but got along with the dog in her previous home. (Bella)
JEWELS walks well on a harness.
Poor JEWELS is doing her best in the circumstances she’s found herself in but to truly blossom she needs to find a family who will let her be a part of their family and help her learn to trust and love again.

Burley Animal Shelter
Melissa Lee
Burley, ID

Please submit an application if you are interested.

Boise Bully Breed Rescue




PAULIE is the sweetest boy in the world!
PAULIE is a 6 year old blue pittie who has had a rough couple of months. He was pulled from death row and almost immediately needed several surgeries. PAULIE is finally back to feeling like himself and needs to find his family! He’s super friendly and loves everyone he meets!
PAULIE is house trained and leash trained. He’s very smart and food motivated and would quickly learn many more commands!
PAULIE is conflicted about other dogs, so may do best as your one and only pet.

PAULIE is just the nicest guy who needs to find his best friend!

Please help PAULIE by sharing and networking.

Contra Costa County Animal Shelter
4800 Imhoff
Martinez, CA

Please submit an application if you are interested.

Boise Bully Breed Rescue

Thor - 2



THOR is a beautiful, sweet, red and white 5 year old fellow who needs a family to make him feel loved again.
THOR is deaf and for some reason that made the neighbors of his previous owners feel like they could mistreat him by throwing things at him, so now he’s a little wary of humans. Before that incident, THOR was a sweetheart who loved everyone he met: humans, kiddos, other dogs…. But now he needs someone to help him learn to trust again and remind him that humans can be good.
THOR could use some work on hand signals, but he’s house trained and leash trained!
THOR has the cutest wrinkly face and needs someone to help him feel at home.

Please network and share Thor to help him find his person!

Cache Humane Society
2370 W 200 N
Logan, UT

Please submit an application if you are interested. 

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